Wallpaper Directions

Click on the resolution at the bottom of the image you wish to use as a wallpaper on your computer.

Windows users: Right click on the desktop. From the menu that appears, select Properties. From the Properties window, select Background. Use the "Browse..." button to find and select the image.

Mac OS 9.x users: In your Appearance control panel, click "Select Picture" and choose the image. (If you already have a desktop picture selected, first click "Remove Picture," then click "Select Picture.") Click "Set Desktop" and close the control panel.

Mac OS 10 users: In System Preferences, select Desktop, then drag the image into the well.

iPad users: Tap and hold on the image until a menu pops up. Choose "Save Image." Close the browser and open "Photos." Tap the image you just saved, then tap the button with a box and arrow and select "Use as Wallpaper." Set the wallpaper for use on your lock screen or home screen or both, using the buttons at the top right.




North Texas Mean Green