Looking Back: Linebacker Zach Orr

Feb. 13, 2014

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Over the past few weeks, MeanGreenSports sat down with some of the departing seniors from the 2013-14 North Texas football team for exit interviews, and we asked them to look back and reflect on their time with the Mean Green.

In the final edition of the series, we visit with linebacker Zach Orr.

MeanGreenSports: What was your impression of North Texas football when you were being recruited?

Orr: My first impression was North Texas was a program that had a lot of potential and could be a place that could win conference championships. I really believed North Texas had the potential to recruit with any school in Texas, it just needed the right guys on the team.

MGS: Is your impression different now?

Orr: Hopefully now we have helped the program reach that potential and North Texas doesn’t have to be a second-choice school.

MGS: What was your biggest surprise in your four years at North Texas?

Orr: When I first got to North Texas, I was surprised at how nobody respected the football program. Even students and fans didn’t have faith that we could ever get this thing turned around.

MGS: How do you want to be remembered as a North Texas football player?

Orr: I want to be remembered as a player that gave his all in everything he did on and off the field. A player that pushed and challenged his teammates to exceed expectations and to give 110 percent in everything they do. 

MGS: What was your most memorable play at North Texas?

Orr: Getting my last career sack on fourth down in the Heart of Dallas Bowl in the last minutes of the game. When I got to the sideline after that play it hit me that my time here was complete and there was no better way to go out. 

MGS: What was the biggest change involving the program during your time at North Texas?

Orr: Players believing in themselves that they can go out and compete and beat anybody when they have earned it by putting in the hard work in the film room, weight room, and the practice field. 

MGS: Outside of games, what memory will you and your teammates always talk about over the next 50 years?

Orr: We will always talk about the fun times we had in the locker room, at our apartments, and everything else we did just hanging out. 

MGS: What single ingredient do you think was most important in turning around the team’s success?

Orr: Dedication. Everyone being dedicated to their craft, playbook, and dedicated to one another that we won't let each other down. 

MGS: What is one thing any of your coaches at North Texas told you that you will carry with you forever?

Orr: "Strive for perfection, achieve excellence." Coach Skladany 

MGS: What is one goal, personal or team, that you didn’t accomplish while at North Texas?

Orr: Winning a conference championship.

MGS: If you were starting a football team tomorrow and you could take one player that you played with at North Texas with you to start a team who would it be and why?

Orr: Brandin Byrd. Byrd is the perfect example of the ultimate team player. He comes to work every day in everything he does. The best thing about him is how unselfish he is; I've never been around a guy that unselfish, and it truly rubbed off on the whole team and made everyone better teammates and people. 

MGS: If you could go back and replay one game during your North Texas career, which would it be?

Orr: UTSA. That game still stings me to this day and was the worst game I played in a North Texas uniform.



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