Looking Back: Wide Receiver Brelan Chancellor

Feb. 7, 2014

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Over the next few weeks, MeanGreenSports will sit down with some of the departing seniors from the 2013-14 North Texas football team for exit interviews, and we'll ask them to look back and reflect on their time with the Mean Green.

Today we visit with wide receiver Brelan Chancellor, who finished his career at North Texas as the all-time leader in all-purpose yards and was in the top 10 nationally as both a punt returner and kickoff returner, the only player in the country to do so.

MeanGreenSports: What was your impression of North Texas football when you were being recruited?

Chancellor: I saw it as a place where I could come in and play a role as a freshman and contribute. I wanted to be a part of the signing class that turned North Texas around.

MGS: Is your impression different now?

Chancellor: Yes. Now you have to really prove to the other players and coaches that you can play. Also, it's a different kind of attitude going into a game not that we could win but now we are expecting to win.

MGS: What was your biggest surprise in your four years at North Texas?

Chancellor: The biggest surprise was my first year seeing how much people didn't care to go to a game. There wasn't much school spirit on campus. Students didn't even know who we were playing each week. That has changed in the last four years.

MGS: How do you want to be remembered as a North Texas football player?

Chancellor: I want to be remembered for my fearlessness, hard work and being consistent. I was the same person weather it was practice, walk-through or game didn't matter. I would be the same person. Most of all, I want to be remembered as a teammate who gave his all through anything. Stats, personal glory, individual accomplishments didn't matter. The team was most important.

MGS: What was your most memorable play at North Texas?

Chancellor: It would have to be the Kansas State return that made top-10 plays on ESPN.

MGS: What was the biggest change involving the program during your time at North Texas?

Chancellor: The hiring of Coach Mac and his coaching staff. It changed everything. 

MGS: Outside of games, what memory will you and your teammates always talk about over the next 50 years?

Chancellor: The coldest winter workout we had at Fouts Field my freshman year when we first had the freeze that canceled school for a week. The wind was howling and Coach Wintrich was out there like a solider with Vaseline on his face. Everyone felt like their face was burning then they finally cancelled the workout because school was cancelled. 

MGS: What single ingredient do you think was most important in turning around the team's success?

Chancellor: The seniors taking it upon themselves to not give up. We were not going to go out like that and we wanted to be remembered.

MGS:  What is one thing any of your coaches at North Texas told you that you will carry with you forever?

Chancellor: Have your finest hour. How do you want to be remembered?

MGS: What is one goal, personal or team, that you didn't accomplish while at North Texas?

Chancellor: Winning a conference championship.

MGS: If you were starting a football team tomorrow and you could take one player that you played with at North Texas with you to start a team who would it be and why?

Chancellor: Zach Orr, because I know he would have the defense right and defense wins championships.

MGS: If you could go back and replay one game during your North Texas career, which would it be?

Chancellor: It would be the UTSA game. I feel like we let that one get away.



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