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Hoops Practice Facility And New Super Pit Scoreboard Update

Posted December 24, 2012

The growth of the Mean Green Village continues. Here's an update on the latest Athletic-Department construction projects, two of the most anticipated since the completion of Apogee Stadium. Work on the Basketball Practice Facility is underway, and preparation and planning for a new scoreboard in the Super Pit is advancing, with installation expected to begin in the spring after completion of the current basketball season. Plus, an update on Fouts Field. 

Basketball Practice Facility

The Practice Facility will be located in the section of the Mean Green Village on the west side of Bonnie Brae, south of Lovelace Stadium and the Mean Green Soccer Stadium, next door to the Volleyball Center, and across the street from the Waranch Tennis Complex. The building is at the southeast corner of this area, in a building currently being used for indoor golf and softball practice.

The golf and softball teams will keep their batting cages and indoor driving area, but the building's main hall, which had a small basketball court with a stage and one end and downstairs and upstairs rooms at the other, is being completed gutted. What will emerge is a dedicated facility for the men's and women's basketball programs, which don't always have unfettered access to the Super Pit year-round, although the Super Pit will remain the teams' primary practice space.

Demolition began in November, and the old court, the stage, and wall panels have been removed.

Click here for a Basketball Practice Facility photo album (the first four photos are of the facility prior to the start of construction)

A new heating and air conditioning system is being installed now, and work on new flooring and increased lighting is scheduled to begin in January. A new, full-length basketball court will be installed, with the Mean Green diving eagle logo at center court. In addition to the baskets at either end, there will also be three baskets on the sides of the court. There will also be a scoreboard but no spectator seating. Coaches will have dry-erase stations installed at either end of the court.

The building had men's and women's restrooms but they are being renovated and improved, and men's and women's locker rooms are being added.

Construction is expected to be completed in March.

Additionally, the Practice Facility and the Volleyball Center are getting a new stucco exterior covering which will match that of the nearby Academic Center. There will also be new landscaping around the Practice Facility and the Volleyball Center.

The Super Pit

The much-anticipated new scoreboard for the Super Pit will be installed after the current basketball season and is expected to be finished by May. And, after getting the result of the engineers' report concerning where in the Super Pit it can be installed, the new scoreboard will be center-hung.

The scoreboard will have four video screens, one of all four sides, each approximately nine feet by 16 feet. An LED message board will be underneath the display screens.

The Super Pit is also getting new shot clocks and clocks in the locker rooms, which allow teams to see time until start of the game and remaining at halftime.

Fouts Field

Say good night, Gracie. Demolition of Fouts is about to begin.

For now, it's only partial demolition. Scheduled to commence in June, the north and south end-zone seats and the east-side stands will be taken down. Remaining will be the press box-side stands and the track and field, as well as the buildings at the south end of the stadium which house the track team's offices and locker rooms, Risk Management and ROTC.

David Pyke is a 1982 graduate of North Texas, the creator of the website meangreenworld.com, a former journalist and a member of the media-relations staff of the UNT Athletic Department. He offers an inside view of happenings in and around Mean Green athletics.



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