Behind The Scenes: What You Don't See On A Hoops Road Trip

Dec. 15, 2014

Jordan Williams boards the bus at the hotel in silence and takes his usual seat. This is the senior's fourth year of road trips with the North Texas basketball team, and the veteran has only one thing on his mind as they begin to roll toward the arena - his assignments.

How can he exploit the weaknesses in their defense? Will they play zone or man? What are the tendencies of the players he'll guard? Lefty or righty? Is his first inclination to drive or shoot?

Williams and his North Texas teammates and coaches have spent the last three days answering these questions with meticulous film study of their upcoming opponent. Each player and coach has committed vast amounts of information to memory on every player the opposition will throw at them.

They have walked through the scouting report on the chalkboard, in the video room and on the court, and now it's time to put all of that information to work. It's time to get in the right frame of mind and play basketball.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video about what the Mean Green go through once they've arrived at the arena for the game.



North Texas Mean Green