Super Pit Scoreboard Goes Up For First Time

DENTON, Texas - The Super Pit's new center-hung scoreboard took flight for the first time this week when the installation team raised it to the rafters.

The occasion offered the first chance to see the North Texas logo adorning the bottom of the scoreboard.

All of the major elements of the scoreboard have been installed. One of those elements, a green metal band around the top of the scoreboard, had to be temporarily removed for final adjustments. But while work continued on the scoreboard topper, the audio team installing a new sound system raised the scoreboard to test the new speakers that are installed inside the scoreboard and on the surrounding ceiling beams.

The green band around the top of the scoreboard will have the words "NORTH TEXAS" on two sides and "SUPER PIT" on the other two sides, and the letters will be lit.



North Texas Mean Green