VIDEO: Beyond The Green: A Place To Call Home

March 24, 2016

Beyond the Green goes inside the stories that make up the North Texas Mean Green Family. In this episode, we meet Ryan Vargo who has been the head student manager for four seasons with North Texas men’s basketball.

Vargo, who is considered a jack of all trades and a master of video by the coaching staff, has contributed in a variety of ways whether it’s scouting, practice plans, player reports, game charts, statistics and video edits.

What people don’t know is the life challenges he has overcome, including four major surgeries and 15-plus hours in the emergency room.

“He got a very special doctor to do what a lot of people rejected because it was too risky,” video coordinator Dylan Shields said. “There was a 70 percent chance he wouldn’t make it, but he is like, ‘I have to live life either now or never.’ ”

“I am never going to let someone’s opinion of me define who I am,” Vargo said. “No matter what I do I will prove everyone around me wrong of anything they think I can’t accomplish. I am so happy to say that North Texas basketball is my family.”

Vargo is set to graduate this May with a degree in military history.



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