Krystal And Dallas Morning News Support Mean Green

DENTON (3/13/07) You can be a part of the Mean Green’s march to the NCAA Tournament in a way you did not expect, as the Dallas Morning News and Krystal have both jumped on the green bandwagon on the way to New Orleans.


The Dallas Morning News is piecing together a video diary documenting behind the scenes action in the days prior to the Mean Green facing Memphis in the New Orleans on Friday. The diary will include everything from the watching party at the Athletic Center through the conclusion of the Mean Green’s run through the NCAA Tournament.


Click here to see the latest video


Krystal in Denton is also temporarily changing its colors as the restaurant on Loop 288 is now serving green eggs and green grits throughout the weekend. Customers will only be able to get regular eggs and grits upon request because, according to Denton franchise owner David Friedman, “green is the standard for the weekend.”


“Krystal is just happy to support North Texas and the Mean Green, and just to be a part of the frenzy,” Friedman said.



North Texas Mean Green