Mean Green Nation Mills About Smartly

Feb. 27, 2015

George Dunham addresses the crowd at halftime of Thursday's game (photo by David Pyke)

DENTON - Thursday was a big day at the Super Pit.

It began with a live broadcast by KTCK The Ticket SportsRadio 1310AM/96.7 FM. The Hardline, Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson, did their show from the Pit's concourse, met the North Texas men's basketball team and drew a crowd of North Texas fans.

George Dunham, retiring as voice of the Mean Green after 25 years, dropped by and spent a few minutes with the Hardline, then did his final play-by-play call of Mean Green basketball and was honored by a variety of sportscasters and friends in a series of video tributes.

Then the Mean Green basketball team finished off the night by finishing off Charlotte, 81-65, for their fifth win in a row. A highly successful day all around. Take a look at some of the images from Thursday:

The Hardline/George Dunham Tribute Photo Gallery



North Texas Mean Green