Moves To CBSSports College Network

North Texas Joins

July 1, 2013

Denton, Texas - In conjunction with the Mean Green's move to Conference USA, the North Texas athletics website today began its move to College Network, a move that will conclude with undergoing a complete redesign.

CBS is the primary webhost for Conference USA members, including C-USA's own website. North Texas will join the College Network, which hosts the athletic websites of more than 150 schools from conferences like the SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East and Pac-12. Its 21-million visitors per month have access to 17,000 live sports events streamed every year.

It's that dramatically-increased video capability that drew North Texas to CBS, and the move will provide Mean Green fans with greatly increased access to video content, both from North Texas teams and Conference USA.

Conference USA puts an emphasis on streaming live events, and the league's partnership with CBS allows for seamless sharing of content with all of its members. The move, then, to CBS will allow Mean Green fans to see more live North Texas events online, as well as games from other C-USA schools. The move will also improve fan access to live stats during road events.

The move to CBS has been planned for several months, and commences July 1, 2013, when officially moved to the CBS servers and became a CBSSports website.

Unfortunately, everyone who has ever moved or remodeled a home has run into problems and delays, and the move and redesign of is no exception. Unexpected design and logistics issues forced a delay of the new custom design until this fall. However, in order to take advantage of CBS's improved video capability in time for the 2013 football, soccer and volleyball seasons, North Texas and CBS worked together to give a temporary but fully functional home while the custom redesign is completed.



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