Mean Green Track & Field Walk Ons

University of North Texas
Track & Field
Walk-On Procedures

The Mean Green track and field team will be holding open team tryouts on Thursday, September 1 at 3:30 p.m. at Fouts Field outdoor track stadium. All students that are interested in participating in the tryout session need to read the following information and complete the accompanying paperwork.

Tryout Eligibility is determined by the following general requirements, and must be completed no later than, Wednesday, August 31st.. In order to speed up the process bring all necessary paperwork with you at the time you pick up your Green Tryout Tracer Form.

General Requirements

• Pick up Green Tryout Tracer Form prior to tryout from the track coaches offices located at Fouts Field gate 10, 704 North Texas Blvd. Denton, TX, 76201.
◦ Must obtain signatures from event coach, athletic trainer, athletic academic advisor, and compliance officer. Only those who have completed tracer form will be eligible for the tryout.

• Written proof of Full-time enrollment. A printed class schedule with minimum of 12 credit hours at UNT for the current semester.

◦ Your daily class schedule must be approved by your event coach(s).
• Copy of current medical insurance card, and proof of physical exam performed within the last 6-12 months.

◦ Physicals may be completed anywhere by a physician. The most convenient location for current students will be the on campus Student Health Center.

• Optional: Registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center, including certified final amateurism, and a member number. You may obtain this information from

Transfer Students

• Four-year college transfers, per NCAA rules, we are not allowed to have any kind of extended communication with potential transfers until we receive a "permission to speak" letter or a "release" from your current school's athletic department. Have that document emailed to our compliance director: When this document has been received we can begin normal communication.

• Transfer students must provide their final transcripts from their previous institution(s).

Potential student-athletes are asked to be warmed up and ready to go by no later than 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 31. It is suggested that students arrive 30-45 minutes prior, to allow enough time to properly warm up for the session. We also ask that you are prepared with appropriate attire and water.

At the tryout, the coaching staff will conduct sprint time trials and event-specific observation.

Those who make the cut will have their transcripts reviewed to meet team polices, and be invited to the all-team meeting. For more information, contact Coach Derek Mackel at

Athletes will be added to the North Texas Track & Field roster by invitation only.

All candidates will be selected based on a team need and from a qualified applicant pool.

Coaches are no longer taking walk-on applications.

Step 1-

    Must be enrolled as a full time student (minimum of 12 hours).
    Must be in good academic standing (2.25 GPA or higher).
Step 2-
    Must be registered and certified as a final qualifier with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
    Click the link to be redirected to the NCAA Eligibility Center
Step 3-
    Click the link to download and print all necessary medical forms.
    Must have all medical forms filled out
    Pass an athletic physical within the last six months Have current medical insurance
Step 4-
    Click the link to fill out the North Texas Track & Field questionnaire.
    Send VIDEO of you performing your event to Derek Mackel.
Step 5-
    Bring all medical documents to the Track and Field office, September 19th introduce yourself to the coaches and pick up a Tryout Routing Form that you will take to the appropriate departments and have signed by all required entities by September 21st.

Track & Field offices are located at the Gate 10 entrance of Fouts Field.

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