Student-Athletes Honored At Graduation Reception

Dec. 16, 2016

DENTON - The North Texas Athletics Department honored 22 student-athletes who are receiving their diplomas this weekend with a graduation reception on Thursday afternoon in the HUB club of Apogee Stadium.

The track and field program led the way with nine student-athletes receiving their undergraduate degrees. Seven players from the football team, who are currently preparing for the upcoming Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl, were also honored.

Four soccer players, one tennis player and one volleyball player were also honored.

The graduates were given stoles with the words "Student-Athlete" that they can wear during the graduation ceremony.

Collin Heard, Men's Track, Criminal Justice
Shauna Pali, Women's Track, Speech-Language Pathology
Jamison Justice, Men's Track, Criminal Justice,
Jazmine Martin, Women's Track, Integrative Justice,
Adam Hasan, Men's Track, Business Marketing
James Coleman, Men's Track, Psychology
Grady Frazier, Men's Track, Criminal Justice
Kylee Kitrell, Women's Track, Business Accounting
Troy Taylor, Men's Track,
Rachel Holden, Soccer, Kinesiology
Anna Flobeck, Soccer, Business Accounting
Kelci Slaughter, Soccer, Business Accounting
Amber Haggerty, Soccer, Business Operations and Supply Chain Management
Meredith Bramer, Volleyball, Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management
James Gray, Football, Integrative Justice
Turner Smiley, Football, Integrative Justice 
Trey Enterline, Football, Integrative Justice
Cortney Finney, Football, Integrative Justice
Sam Rice, Football, Integrative Justice
Eric Keena, Football, Kinesiology
Thomas Keenan, Football, Integrative Justice
Kamilla Galieva, Tennis, Business Economics



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