Track & Field Team Trains With Michael Johnson Performance Equipment

Oct. 27, 2015

DENTON - The North Texas track and field team recently got a chance to test out some new Michael Johnson performance equipment from Nike at Fouts Field last week.

"Brian Abadie, the elite athlete coordinator at Michael Johnson Performance, approached me with the idea of expanding their performance testing to collegiate athletes," head coach Carl Sheffield said. "They have data on the youth athletes that they train and have tested elite track athletes around the world over the last few years. I think Brian saw a niche in developing collegiate athletes could make an impact also."

MJP's advanced athletic assessment provides athletes with a complete evaluation of that athlete's overall athleticism. A lot of the new technology was brought out to assist in evaluating and training geared towards seeing the best results. The sprinters got a chance to be evaluated with this innovated technology.

"This equipment really helps to break down running and get accurate information that can help when trying to correct small mistakes," said junior sprinter Collin Heard. "The results will allow me to pinpoint certain aspects of performance and fix them in order to progress athletically. I really enjoyed the FMS and jumping drills because it showed smaller aspects that affect my running."

The student-athletes were able to learn different warm up drills to help with performance as well. With the indoor season two months away this gives the team a great chance to continue to learn how to perform in their events.

"All of it was really new to me but after learning about what each tool does I see how each one has its own purpose in evaluating performance and execution of certain movements," said senior hurdler Chastity Stewart. "I think the results will help me be a better athlete. I hope they will help improve big and little things that can enhance my performance. I think the feedback the instructors gave me has already helped me in my warmup and drills."

Opened in 2001 by four-time Olympic track and field gold medalist and nine-time world champion and world record holder Michael Johnson. The Michael Johnson Performance has a mission to help athletes of all ages to reach their full potential using similar training philosophy and techniques aided by new equipment.

"The information they provide will give us more accurate information on each individual athlete that we train in our program," Sheffield said. "The data will give us specific deficiencies and strengths of the athletes that will allow us to tailor our training programs to their needs."



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