Mean Green Concessions

Fundraising FAQs

What goes into running a Concession Stand?

The Mean Green concessions program allows your group to work in the concession stands at one of North Texas' venues. The concession stand is a turn-key operation and will be stocked and ready for prep and operation upon arrival. Your group will come in and run the stand as if it is your business. You prepare the food and snacks and serve the customers with each transaction. Your organization is responsible for every aspect of service to each customer, including proper cash handling and food safety.

We require each organization to supply a core group of workers that will serve as leadership for the remaining volunteers in your group. We recommend that you organize your concessions leadership team as follows:

  • Group Stand Manager: Responsible for the overall operation of the stand. This includes beginning and ending inventory counts and personnel management.
  • Assistant Stand Manager: Responsible for all cash-handling/verification; this person will collect the beginning cash bank, monitor cash throughout the event and verify receipts/cash received at the end of the event.
  • Food Preparation Lead: Responsible for managing food production, quality, spoilage and presentation.

The team leads can rotate throughout the season, but potential leaders need to be identified prior to the first game so they receive proper training.

Your group must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 exempt organization and provide North Texas concessions with your group's Tax ID number, as well as a completed W-9 Form. For more information about 501c status please visit the IRS charities website. For the W-9 form, please visit:

Is alcohol served at concession stands?

Alcohol is served at several Apogee Stadium concession stands. However, alcohol sales are operated by a third-party vendor. If your group is placed in one of these stands, the group is only responsible for the transactions of each beer sale. Due to TABC rules, NT concessions volunteers do not handle any alcoholic items or serve alcoholic products to our customers. Because of this, the commission rate for these stands is based off of non-alcohol inventory sales.

Will there be opportunities to run stands for sports other than football?

Yes. North Texas concessions is the food-service provider at every North Texas athletic event, as well as several on-campus events at the Super Pit. Events include men's and women's basketball, cheer competitions, special lecture series and graduations.

What are the commission and guaranteed rates?

The commission rate is 12 percent of stand net sales (less sales taxes). There is a minimum guaranteed for each stand, based on number of required volunteers and length of the event. Your group will receive whichever amount is higher.

Are there any deductions?

Yes. A deduction in commission will be assessed for each volunteer short from the required number, at a rate of $25 per volunteer short. If the stand is left with dirty dishes, dirty floors, trash etc. a cleaning fee of $150 will be charged at the discretion of North Texas concessions. If, for any reason, the total cash/credit card deposits and coupon receipts obtained by your group are less than the value of the goods sold, the shortage will be deducted from the commission/minimum guarantee earned by your group.

How many workers will a concession stand require?

Your group's assignment will depend on how many members your organization can provide. We have many concession stands available. Some require as few as six people. Several require 12-20 people. The higher the number of workers required in a stand, the larger the potential revenue is for that location. The more revenue generated in your stand equates to higher commission payments for your organization.

How long can your group be expected to work on football game days?

Groups can expect to work somewhere between 6 to 8 hours for football games. Report time will be 3 hours prior to kickoff, and expected completion time should be approximately 1 hour after the game has finished. Non-football event schedules can vary by each event. More specific information, for non-football events, will be provided at a later time.

Will there be any staff training?

There will be mandatory training sessions for all groups. Group leaders will attend a training session that introduces concessions policies and procedures, stand operation basics and critical game-day information. These sessions are key to having a successful fundraising season and will assist you with planning and coordinating your group volunteers.

In-stand training will also be held for leads and volunteers for each group. This training will review the set-up and breakdown in your specific stand, equipment operation and menu/food preparation. The inventory and reconciliation process will also be covered. Each group should have as many of their volunteers as possible in attendance for in-stand training.

Training for football will be held at Apogee Stadium on the campus of the University of North Texas.

What do we wear for an event?

Every group is encouraged to wear a shirt representing their organization. If your group does not have a shirt, volunteers must wear a green or UNT branded shirt. Aprons will also be provided by North Texas concessions to wear. Closed-toed shoes are also required to be worn for each volunteer.

What is the minimum age for staff?

Group members can be as young as 14 years of age to volunteer in the concession stand. However, only group members 16 years of age or older can operate cash registers. Each volunteer organization is responsible to manage every transaction/sale. Shortages between the cash/credit card deposits and the value of the inventory sold will be deducted from the commission/payment earned.

What events are required?

Your group is required to operate a stand at all Mean Green home football games and an additional two events during the 2016-2017 calendar year.