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Mean Green Club Honors Its Members

Aug. 2, 2013

DENTON, Texas -

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In the inaugural Rep Partner Awards Dinner hosted by the Mean Green Club, there were food, drinks and awards to be given. The Mean Green Club has flourished in recent years and seen tremendous generosity from its members.

There were several award winners in the banquet's first official year, beginning with district awards:

District 1: Alan White

District 2: Lance White

District 3: Todd Samuels

District 4: David Fast

District 5: Phala Finely

David and Julie Anderson received an honor for giving the most new money to the club. Mark Miller and Bryan Waddle took second and third, respectively.

The most total money donated to the MGC over the past year was given by Lance White. He was followed by David Fast and Tom Klammer.

Lance White pulled in a second honor for being named the MGC Representative of the Year.

The Mean Green Award was given to district three winner Todd Samuels.

The Mean Green Club would like to once again thank all of its members, all those in attendance and for all the generous donations given to the club over the past year. Go Mean Green!