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Demolition Of Fouts Eastside Stands Underway

Demolition of Fouts Field's eastside stands begins

July 26, 2013

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DENTON, Texas - The demolition of Fouts Field's eastside concrete stands began this week with the removal of the historic sculpture panels embedded near the top of the stands overlooking the concourse area.

Crews set up a massive crane Thursday and successfully removed, in one piece, the first of the nine panels, which depict athletes and eagles. Work on the remaining eight panels began Friday morning and was expected to take two days to finish. Crews are using a scissor lift to create a platform for cutting the panels from the concrete, then using the crane to lower the panels.

Additional panels were successfully removed Friday.

Once the panels are down, the stadium's eastside lights and light poles will be taken down. Then a wrecking ball will be attached to the stadium to demolish the 61-year-old concrete stands.