Tailgating At Apogee Stadium

Tailgating is as much a tradition at Mean Green football games as any other university, and North Texas took tailgating into account when it constructed Apogee Stadium, setting aside areas just outside the stadium for students, fans and alumni to gather before games.

How you tailgate depends on common sense, the ability to be act responsibly, and adhere to the following guidelines, which are reviewed and approved annually by Athletics, the Office of Risk Management, and the University Police Department. These guidelines have been developed to ensure a family-friendly, safe, and enjoyable experience that promotes integrity, civility, ethical conduct, and good sportsmanship among fans, students, and visitors.

Tailgating Locations

Tailgating takes place on The Hill east of the stadium, in parking lots adjacent to Apogee Stadium, in the Fouts Field lot, and in approved parking locations and green space on the main campus west of Avenue C before every home football game in accordance with these guidelines. Tailgating is also permitted at other athletic venues prior to NCAA events.

Apogee Stadium tailgating map

Tailgating and Set-Up Times

Tailgating locations are available on a first come first served basis on in accordance with other stipulations contained in these guidelines. Tailgating may not begin prior to 7 a.m. on gameday and must conclude two hours after the game.

Student organizations are permitted to claim a location on The Hill no earlier than noon on the day prior to gameday. No overnight occupancy and/or camping is permitted.

Tailgating items and equipment may be dropped off near Apogee Stadium at the former Radisson Hotel parking lot adjacent to The Hill. Entry is from the I-35E South Access Road.

Apogee Stadium tailgating drop-off map


Designated parking areas for Mean Green Scholarship Fund members are located around Apogee Stadium and are controlled by color-coded passes. A pass must be displayed in each vehicle to access a reserved lot. Only one vehicle is permitted per space, and vehicles are not permitted on sidewalks or green spaces. General public parking is available in the Fouts Field lots for a nominal fee, and free parking is available on the east side of North Texas Boulevard. Click here for an interactive map of all Apogee Stadium gameday parking areas. Only one vehicle is permitted per space, and vehicles are not permitted on sidewalks or greens space.

Tailgating that takes up vacant parking spaces or interferes with traffic flow is prohibited. Saving spaces for other vehicles is also prohibited.

Parking For Recreational Vehicles

Qualifying members at the Mean Green Scholarship Fund's Founders Circle level ($1,890) and higher are eligible for an assigned season RV parking space in the Blue Lot. MGSF members at the Spiriki membership level ($100) and higher may purchase one RV pass for up to two games for $120 per pass. RV parking passes in the Orange Lot around Fouts Field can be purchased on the day of the game for $60. RV parking assignments are allocated in Priority Point order and based on availability. For more information, please contact the MGSF office at 940-369-7284.


Tents, tarps or canopies are not permitted if they impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into additional parking spaces, drive lanes, sidewalks. In order to protect parking lot surfaces, tents, awnings, and similar items that require ground stakes are prohibited. All tents and canopies must allow for unobstructed view inside the tent or canopy. Violators of this policy will be asked by University Event Staff to remove or dismantle the item. Stakes used in the green space area may not be longer than 12 inches or wider than half an inch in order to not interfere with underground utilities. Weights or sandbags are encouraged.


Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted at tailgating. In accordance with the alcoholic-beverage laws of the State of Texas, individuals must be at least 21 years old to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages. All individuals consuming or possessing alcohol must carry and be able to present identification to law enforcement or university personnel upon request. The use of alcoholic beverages by members of the University of North Texas community is at all times subject to the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Texas.

Individuals, groups and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the entire University community. Anyone with alcohol is responsible for ensuring that persons under 21 do not have access to it.

Kegs, drinking games, drinking-game paraphernalia, and glass containers are not permitted. All beverages must be in aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or paper or plastic cups. Public intoxication and lewd or unruly behavior will not be tolerated, and persons engaging in this activity may be banned from the university. If you serve alcoholic beverages, ensure that you have a sufficient number of designated drivers to accommodate your guests. Serve food and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Furthermore, The University of North Texas shall not be held liable or responsible for any actions taken by the public or tailgaters while on state property or in regards to alcoholic beverage consumption. Individuals are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws governing alcohol consumption. If you drink, drink responsibly and pace your drinking. Know your limit. Watch out for your friends. Drinking laws are strictly enforced.

Grilling and Food Preparation

All grills and cookers should be attended at all times. No fires are allowed on the ground or in open fire-pit devices. A fire extinguisher is recommended during open-flame cooking. The following food safety tips are also recommended:

  • Serve hot food immediately or place item(s) on hot grill until consumption;
  • Use plenty of ice to protect cold foods;
  • Use separate coolers for food and drinks;
  • Never let food sit out for more than two hours in moderate weather, or more than one hour in temperatures over 90 degrees;
  • Wash hands with soap and water before and after handling raw meats;
  • Have hand sanitizer and paper towels available.

Traffic Control

Do not remove or move barricades, cones, signs, or any other traffic control devices. Be courteous and respectful to all parking and event staff as they are here to assist and provide safety for you and your guests.

Selling and Advertising

Commercially sponsored tailgates or any kind of solicitation during tailgating are prohibited without the prior approval of North Texas Athletics. To arrange such an opportunity, contact Mean Green Sports Properties at 940-369-8409.


Towing of vehicles without appropriate parking passes from reserved lots will begin at approximately 8 a.m. on gamedays.


Generators are permitted but should be equipped with a spark-arrestor muffler, and it is also recommended that they be outfitted with a noise-reducing device (manufacturer-approved cover or muffler). When operating generators, special care and consideration should be implemented in managing fuel, exhaust fumes, and extension cords.

Trash and Recycling

It is every tailgaters responsibility to dispose of all trash and recycling in the appropriate containers. Hot coals must be doused and disposed of in specially designated hot-coal receptacles. The disposal of grease, hot coals, or hazardous materials onto the ground or into storm drains is prohibited.

Portable Restrooms

Restrooms are accessible from outside the stadium on the east side of Apogee Stadium adjacent to Gate 4. Portable restrooms are located throughout the tailgating areas. Please ensure that tailgaters utilize these facilities and not the university grounds.


Pets must be on a controlled leash and not allowed to run freely in the tailgate areas. Animals shall not be left unattended or secured to university property. Pet owners are solely responsible for their pets and for any damage or injuries that may occur. Clean up after your pet.


The University of North Texas and is designees reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privileges.

Secure Your Belongings

Secure your belongings prior to kickoff. Tailgaters should lock food, beverages, and valuables out of sight in vehicles. The University is not responsible or liable for loss or theft of materials, items, and personal property left on University grounds during or after the game or overnight.

Golf Carts, ATVs, etc.

Golf carts, ATVs, and similar vehicles electric or motorized are not permitted in tailgating areas or in Apogee Stadium unless authorized to event staff.

First Aid

First-aid stations are available on the east and west concourses inside Apogee stadium. If you require medical attention during tailgating, please call 911 for emergencies; or call 940-565-3000 for non-emergencies and the University command post will dispatch medical services.


In case of emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, call the UNT Police at 940-565-3000.

Visiting Fans

Fans from visiting teams are invited to join in the tailgating scene at Apogee. To reserve a space, contact David Nichols in the ticket office at (940) 565-2527 or by email at