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College coaches must adhere to NCAA rules regarding communication with a prospective student-athlete. There are sport specific rules for phone calls to a prospective student-athlete, but in general, you should not expect to get a phone call from a coach before your junior year in high-school. Some sports require a coach to wait even longer than that before a phone call to a prospective student-athlete is permissible. Additionally, there are certain times of the year when a coach is not permitted to call you (or any of your family members) on the phone. In some sports, a coach may send a text message to a prospective student-athlete at any time. However, there are some sports that require a coach to wait until a prospective student-athlete has committed to the college or university to send a text message. Do not assume that a coach is uninterested in you or ignoring you just because you do not get a response. Coaches are limited in the type and amount of communication they can have with prospective student-athletes.


College coaches are permitted to travel off-campus to assess the academic or athletics ability of a prospective student-athlete at certain times of the year. This includes visiting your high-school and talking with you or watching your practice or home competition. A college coach may also travel to one of your away contest to watch you compete. The time period when a coach is permitted to have contact with you or evaluate your athletics ability off-campus is sport specific. If a coach is unable to attend one of your contests it may be because the contest occurs during a period when it is not permissible for that coach to have recruiting contact or conduct an evaluation off-campus. A representative of athletics interest, or booster, may never visit your high-school for the purpose of evaluating your academic or athletics ability.

Official Visits

An Official Visit is a pre-arranged trip that you take to a college or university that is financed in whole or in part by the member institution. As a prospective student-athlete, you may only take five Official Visits while you are in high-school. You may not make more than one visit to a particular school. If you do not enroll in a college or university immediately upon completion of high-school, you may make an additional five Official Visits beginning October 15th after you complete high-school. However, you may not re-visit one of the schools you already took an Official Visit to while in high-school. There are certain times of the year when a college or university is not allowed to provide Official Visits, so please arrange for your visit well in advance.

Before you take an Official Visit to a college or university, you must complete the following requirements:

• Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center;
• Submit a High-School Transcript to the Coach at the school you want to visit; and
• Submit ACT or SAT scores to the Coach at the school you want to visit;

Unofficial Visits

An Unofficial Visit is a trip you take to a college or university at your own expense. As a prospective student-athlete, you may take as many Unofficial Visits as you would like. You can make multiple visits to the same campus. While on an Unofficial Visit, the school you are visiting may not pay any expenses for you or any family members or friends who may be visiting the campus with you.