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Academic Eligibility

In order to compete in intercollegiate athletics at a Division I institution immediately following high-school you must meet certain academic requirements. It is important that you talk with your high-school coaches and guidance counselor early to make sure you are on track to meet the NCAA Division I initial eligibility requirements. In addition to taking a certain number of core courses in a variety of subjects, you must maintain a minimum grade point average and achieve ACT or SAT scores that correspond to your GPA.

You must be certified academically before you are eligible to compete at a Division I or Division II college or university during your first year of collegiate enrollment. All academic certifications are processed through the NCAA Eligibility Center. At the beginning of your sophomore year of high-school you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at

When you register for an NCAA Eligibility Center account, you will need to submit your high-school transcripts and ACT and/or SAT scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Ask your high-school guidance counselor to send your transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of your junior year. When you take the ACT and/or SAT, use the code "9999" to have your official scores sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Once you have graduated from high-school, you will need to ask your high-school guidance counselor to send another transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center. This final transcript will need to show proof of your graduation.

The following resources will help guide you as you strive to meet the NCAA initial eligibility requirements and get into competition during your first year in college.

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