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New Employee Checklist

New Employee Compliance Guide

Welcome to North Texas! We're happy to have you on our team! At North Texas we abide by all NCAA, Conference USA, and North Texas rules and regulations at all times. We rely on all of our coaches, administrators, and staff to promote an atmosphere of compliance within our program. As a new North Texas Athletic Department Employee, it is imperative that you understand the applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules and regulations that you will encounter during your time with us. You are expected to monitor your actions and those of your student-athletes and colleagues and are required to report any rules violations to the North Texas Athletics Compliance Office immediately.

The New Employee Compliance Guide serves as a starting point and a quick reference guide to some of the most common issues you may face while recruiting prospects, interacting with current student-athletes, and conducting your everyday business in the North Texas Athletics Department. The North Texas Athletics Compliance Office will provide on-going education to all Athletic Department Employees throughout the year in the form of meetings, newsletters, and educational columns. In addition, the Athletics Compliance Office is always available to answer any questions that you may have. Please follow our motto and, "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!"