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Student-Athlete Employment

Current student-athletes may be employed with prior approval from the Compliance Office. Please review the Student-Athlete Employment Procedures and submit the corresponding form to the Compliance Office for approval prior to beginning any employment.

Student-Athlete Employment Procedures

Student-Athlete Employment Form

Student-Athletes may be employed as long as they are compensated only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services. A student-athlete may not receive any special accommodations or benefits that are not available to all employees doing the same job. A current student-athlete may not be compensated for any value or utility that an employer gains from his or her publicity, reputation, fame or personal following that has been obtained as a result of athletics ability.

Fee-for-Lesson Instruction

With prior approval from the Compliance Office, a student-athlete may receive compensation for teaching or coaching sport skills or techniques in his or her sport on a fee-for-lesson basis, provided:

(a) Institutional facilities are not used;

(b) Playing lessons shall not be permitted;

(c) The institution obtains and keeps on file documentation of the recipient of the lesson(s) and the fee for the lesson(s) provided during any time of the year;

(d) The compensation is paid by the lesson recipient (or the recipient's family) and not another individual or entity;

(e) Instruction to each individual is comparable to the instruction that would be provided during a private lesson when the instruction involves more than one individual at a time; and

(f) The student-athlete does not use his or her name, picture or appearance to promote or advertise the availability of fee-for-lesson sessions.

Fee-for-Lesson Procedures

Fee-for-Lesson Form

Camp/Clinic Employment

A student-athlete may be employed by his or her institution, by another institution, or by a private organization to work in a camp or clinic as a counselor, unless otherwise restricted by NCAA legislation (see Bylaw 13.12 for regulations relating to camps and clinics). Out-of-season playing and practice limitations may restrict the number of student-athletes from the same institution who may be employed in that institution's camp (see the specific sport in Bylaw 17 for these employment restrictions.)

Student-athletes may be employed in any sports camp or clinic (including football) provided:

• Must perform duties that are of a general supervisory character in addition to any coaching or officiating;

• Compensation shall be commensurate with the going rate for camp counselors of like teaching and experience;

• Cannot compensate for lecture or demonstration only;

• Cannot conduct his or her own camp;

• Cannot participate in organized practice activities during the camp/clinic; and

• May receive transportation or travel expenses only if provided to all employees of the camp/clinic.

All student-athlete camp employment must be approved by the Compliance Office PRIOR to the start of the camp.


A student-athlete may establish his or her own business, provided the student-athlete's name, photograph, appearance or athletics reputation are not used to promote the business.

National Team Practice and Competition

A student-athlete may receive actual and necessary expenses and reasonable benefits associated with national team practice and competition (e.g., health insurance, broken-time payments).

Athletics Equipment Sales

A student-athlete may not be employed to sell equipment related to the student-athlete's sport if his or her name, picture or athletics reputation is used to advertise or promote the product, the job or the employer. If the student-athlete's name, picture or athletics reputation is not used for advertising or promotion, the student-athlete may be employed in a legitimate sales position, provided he or she is reimbursed at an hourly rate or set salary in the same manner as any nonathlete salesperson.

Goodwill Tour Commissions

A student-athlete representing the institution in a goodwill tour during summer months, in conjunction with the tour, may sell such items as jackets, blazers or similar institutional promotional items to booster groups or other friends of the institution on a salary, but not a commission, basis.