Agent Laws In The State of Texas, University of North Texas - Intercollegiate Athletics

In order to assist you in understanding the Texas Athlete Agent Act and to help you respond to inquiries from agents, please note the following provisions of state law:

  1. An agent cannot offer student-athletes anything of value to induce a student-athlete to enter into an agreement of representation.
  2. An agent cannot offer any employee of an institution or higher education any inducement to refer student-athletes to the agent.
  3. An agent cannot contact student-athletes, directly or indirectly, until after the student-athlete has officially completed his or her eligibility (last game or competition).
  4. An agent may send student-athletes written materials regarding the agents' professional credentials only if the agent also sends an identical copy of the same materials to the Athletics Director of the school the student-athlete attends.
  5. A student-athlete (along with a parent or legal guardian) can initiate contact with an agent to arrange an interview. The agent must notify the Athletics Director in writing of the date, time and place of the meeting.
  6. University of North Texas offers athlete-agent interviews on our campus during designated times in the term prior to the student-athlete completing his or her eligibility.
  7. The Texas Agent Act requires every agent to be registered with the Secretary of the State before any agent can legally enter into an oral or written contract with any athlete.

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