Student-Athlete Academic Center


Campus Map

In the Fall of 2005, the academic and compliance staff relocated to the Mean Green Village. Located on Bonnie Brae St., the new Mean Green Student-Athlete Academic Center is dedicated to Gayle and Virgil Strange. The new building is three times the size of the former academic center. The Center serves as the cornerstone of the Mean Green Village and is only a short walk from the surrounding sports facilities.

The highest priority of the North Texas Athletics Department is to fulfill its mission to provide student-athletes with an excellent education, culminating in a degree in their chosen discipline. In the spring of 2005, Gayle and Virgil Strange reinforced that mission by contributing their talents and treasures to construct a first-class academic center for all athletes. Their goal was to create the Mean Green Student-Athlete Academic Center, a comfortable and welcoming environment filled with resources and technology — a place to study, learn and succeed — benefiting the performance of every student-athlete on every team.

The University of North Texas was selected as one of 65 nationwide institutions to participate in the Pilot III NCAA/Champs Life Skills Program. North Texas created a multi-faceted approach to enhance the academic, athletic, personal, service and career development of all Mean Green student-athletes.

Numerous steps have been taken by North Texas to facilitate the CHAMPS/Life Skills program, including the revitalization of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, formation of a faculty and staff support team, and creation of additional career development and academic support services, which are available to all student-athletes.