Academic Center

Sport Psychology

The University of North Texas Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence is the provider of sport psychology services to the North Texas Athletic Department. The Center is dedicated to helping student-athletes, coaches, administrators and athletic trainers achieve success on the field, in the classroom and in all other areas of life. Staffed by licensed psychologists, certified sport psychology consultants and graduate students in kinesiology and psychology, the Center provides the services needed to help optimize performance and minimize obstacles that may interfere with academic, athletic and personal success. These services include:

  • Individual Performance Consultations
  • Team Performance Consultations
  • Individual Counseling
  • Coach Consultations

Sport Psychology Staff

Dr. Trent A. Petrie
(940) 369-7767

Christy Greenleaf, Ph.D.
(940) 565-2651

Dr. Scott Martin
(940) 565-2651

The center staff is committed to the health and wellness of all North Texas student-athletes and to work closely with the Sports Medicine department to ensure that all athletes receive the support and assistance they want and need to be successful during their time in school. For more information about the center and its staff, visit our website.